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What makes Relivir unique?
The Birth of a 
Next Generation antiviral
RELIVIR is the culmination of decades of nanotech and antiviral research.
NuCISION's Relivir stands out in a sea of therapeutics because it is a new genre of drug, whose platform is designed to combat not just the current viral threat, but future pandemic threats.

While its platform is specifically tailored to target SARS-CoV-2, it can be reconfigured to target other viruses specifically as well. An innovation in gene-based therapy, NuCISION's targeting platform is an advancement in gene-based drugs, transcending difficulties traditionally associated with the genre, such as issues with drug delivery and precision.

It is a simpler and more efficient way to destroy viruses within the cell, with minimal side-effects and toxicity, due to the nature of the components themselves.

Its unique patented tripartite core design brings together several advancements and technologies in nanomedicine, to effectively destroy a virus' RNA as it tries to replicate within the cell. It is a patented modular approach, which involves the complexing of a cell-penetrating peptide (CPP), one or more DNA oligonucleotides, and the enzyme RNase H.
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Adaptive Platform Model
The design and construction of the active agent of the therapeutic responsible for interacting with virus components can readily be reconfigured to meet changes that may "evolve" as SARS-CoV-2 virus (or another target virus, as specified in the patent) may change and take on new forms that enable them to evade our human defenses against infection and complications.

This way, we are able to continually meet the medical challenge posed by COVID-19 (and other viruses) over time, and as the virus moves to new populations.

We will be able to reconfigure the drug to combat many other viral and other diseases moving forward.

We will be able to use this platform for both human and veterinary purposes.
The pathway for RELIVIRĀ® is a very aggressive timeline towards product development, testing, and commercialization in order to meet the challenges brought by COVID-19 Pandemic.

The mounting pressures on communities, governments, and economies have force countries to develop special government task forces to manage the growing problems and hopefully avoid devastation.

Generally speaking, drug development requires many years of work. Regulatory challenges are often in the way of timely execution. Fortunately, there are unique properties of NuCISION's platform that can accelerate this process and can take advantage of the urgency created from this current landscape to get to market. The following link describes how we are able to deliver this solution in a matter of months versus years:
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Is a revolutionary company offering a unique
Platform antiviral solution to SARS-CoV-2
and future viral pandemics.

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Birth of the Next Generation Antiviral

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